www.PATSCode.com PATS (immobilizer) INCODE authorization for Ford and Mazda cars
Compatible withFCOM or IDS.

Frequently asked questions

Is patscode.com available 24/7 ?
Yes, PATSCODE is fully automated service available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Do you provide PIN or CODE solution for other vehicles than Ford?
Yes, we provide PIN service for SMARTRA immobilizers of Hyundai and Kia vehicles and also HiCOM tool for related diagnostics. PIN code is generated based on VIN. Supported are Hyundai and Kia vehicles manufactured to 2007.

How quickly do I get INCODE?
The service is online, INCODE is provided immediately.

Which models are covered by PATSCODE?
All Ford/Mazda models that use coded PATS are supported, with exception to a 2011+ Ford Mondeo/S-Max/Galaxy/Focus/C-Max, 2013+ Ford Fiesta, 2013+ Ford Transit Custom/Connect and some 2013+ Mazda models (e.g. CX5).

Where can I order credits or subscription?
Online ordering is available at www.obdtester.com/patscode

Do I need to pay for codes if I purchase subscription?
No, subscribers have all codes for 1 year period at no additional cost.

Can I purchase longer subscription than 1 year?
Yes, simply order multiple subscriptions. Subscription can be renewed at any time.

How quickly will you credit my account?
We are able to add credits (or set subscription date) every working day almost immediately after payment is received. During weekends or holidays we normally check orders once a day. In order to avoid any delays please make sure you can log in to your account and either use same e-mail address for order or provide your patscode.com account address.

I have a problem. How can I get help from you?
E-mail us at support@secons.com or use contact form on patscode.com

Can I get INCODE by phone?
No, we do not provide this service. We recommend all technicians to install inexpensive mobile internet connection or have a colleague who can obtain INCODEs online available on a phone.

How do I use patscode.com?
Before using patscode.com you need to know at least VIN code of the vehicle and OUTCODE shown by diagnostic application (such as FoCOM, IDS, MVP, AD100 and many others). Enter the information to patscode form and submit it. Use provided INCODE to unlock vehicle security functions.